University of California, Los Angeles. Clinical Professor, 1993-present. Seminars and
supervision of residents clinical work, 1969- present. Director of Psychotherapy, Adult
Out-Patient Clinic, 1985-1989.
Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute. Analyzing and Supervising Instructor, 1985-
present. Assistant Director of Education, 1990-1994.
Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute. Instructor, 1970-1990.
National Panels
Panel, “Effects on Adults of Object Loss in the First Five Years of Life”, with Justin Call,
Martha Wolfenstein, Irving Kauffman, Peter Neubauer, American Psychoanalytic
Chair, Panel, “A Re-evaluation of the Concept ‘Object'” in Psychoanalysis,” with Leo
Rangell, David Sachs, Dale Boesky, Sander Abend, Daniel Goldberg. American
Psychoanalytic Association.
Panel, “Psychic Change in Psychoanalysis”, American Psychoanalytic Assn., with
Charles Brenner, Herbert Schlessinger, Robert Michaels.
Panel, “The Relationship of Models of the Mind to Clinical Work: Object Relations
Theory,” with Otto Kernberg, Robert Michels, Calvin Settlege, Ernest Wolf. American
Psychoanalytic Association.
1987 Panel, “Current Status of the Libido Theory”, with Robert Michaels, John Gedo,
Allan Eisnitz, and Arnold Rothstein. American Psychoanalytic Association.
1990 Panel, “A Symposium between Psychoanalysts and Philosophers”, with Marshall
Edelson, Philip Holzman, Theodore Shapiro, Adolph Grünbaum, Richard Wollheim,
Robert Shope. American Psychoanalytic Association.
1992 Panel, “Agoraphobia/Panic: Nature and Treatment”, chair, with Donald Klein,
Michelle Craske, Jerrold Rosenbaum, Theodore Shapiro, Frederick Busch, Jon Meyer,
Martin Silverman. American Psychoanalytic Association, New York, December.
1995 Speaker, Psychoanalytic Dialogue: Defense Analysis, with Walter T Davison and
Steven Levy, American Psychoanalytic Association, New York, December, 1995.
Research Experience and Affiliations
1983-84 Chair, Psychotherapy Research Seminar, UCLA/ Neuropsychiatric Institute
Out Patient Department
1987-present Founder and Director, Los Angeles Center for Psychoanalytic Research
1991-1994 Chair, Research Study Group, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute.
1991- 1998. Board for the Fund for Psychoanalytic Research, American
Psychoanalytic Association
1996- present. Co-Principle Investigator, A Study of Anxious Thought
Other Appointments
Editorial Board, Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 1982-1986,
Editorial Board, Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 1980-in effect.
Board for the Fund for Psychoanalytic Research, 1991-1998.
Committee on Psychoanalytic Education (COPE), American Psychoanalytic Association,
1984-1989. Member, COPE Study Group on “Psychoanalytic Process”, American
Psychoanalytic Association.
Academic Lectures and Grand Rounds
1976. Ego Psychology. Department of Psychiatry, UC Irvine.
1977. Psychoanalytic Theory of the Neuroses. Department of Psychiatry, UC Irvine.
1978. Therapeutic Psychoanalysis. Long Beach VA Hospital.
1981. Basic Theory of Psychoanalysis. Long Beach VA Hospital.
1986. Sexual Impulse and Sexual Behavior. University of Texas Medical College,
Dallas, Texas.
1994 Another View of Agoraphobia and Panic. Emory University Medical College,
Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Atlanta, Georgia
1976. Departmental Lecture, The Faulkner Hospital, Boston, Mass.
1976. Departmental Lecture, Harbor Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, “Psychic
Change and Psychotherapy”
1985 Distinguished Speaker, Annual Meeting, The New York Freudian Society.
“Objects, Attitudes and States: Some Significant Gaps in Psychoanalytic Theory.”
1985. Panel, “The Essentials of Psychoanalytic Cure”. Southern California
Psychoanalytic Society 35th Anniversary.
1986 Grand Rounds, University of Texas College of Medicine at Dallas. “Motive,
Impulse and Action.”
1989 Featured Speaker, Annual Meeting Michigan Psychoanalytic Society, Detroit,
Michigan: “How Does Treatment Work?”
Other Educational Activities
1972, Chair, Panel on Creativity: “The Last Picture Show,” with Peter Bogdanovich,
Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, Arthur Knight, Jose Barchilon.
1975-1977. Organizer, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Study Group on “Structural Change
and Working Through.”
1984-1991 Leader, Clinical Psychoanalytic Study Group, Los Angeles.
1986-1987. Leader, Clinical Study Group II, Los Angeles.
1997-98 Organizer and Leader, Drama and Psychoanalysis, a study group for UCLA
residents, actors and psychoanalysts.
Community Services
1989-1991 Psychiatrist, Mid-Valley Mental Health Center, Baldwin Park, California
(serving a Spanish speaking population)